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Child support is an essential element in the divorce process. In Connecticut, child support is determined according to a set of guidelines. An experienced attorney can help you sort through these guidelines so that you can be sure that your child is receiving or you are giving the proper amount.

These guidelines take several different elements into account, including:

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At the Law Offices of Amy J. Horowitz, our attorney has more than 30 years of experience helping families navigate the complexities associated with family law. While the child support guidelines are often a very viable method of determining support, deviations from these guidelines are allowed for any number of reasons. Some of those reasons include shared custody, visitation and medical expenses. We can help you decide if a deviation will best support the needs of your children as you prepare for a happier future.

As your child ages and your lives change, you may find that modifications are necessary. If you experience a change in circumstance such as a job loss, job change, or change in custody you may be eligible for a modification of support.  We are committed to helping you modify your child support and child custody agreements in a way that will best reflect any significant life changes.

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